Unrivaled Expertise Across Top Industries

GBC is your trusted partner for all facility service needs.

As a dedicated company providing a full range of facility services across all major industries, we take pride in the excellence of our services that results in an aesthetic, clean, and hygienic environment that evokes trust and prompts return visits. We value how you measure your success and are ready to meet your specific needs on a priority basis. As a cleaning solutions provider with decades of experience, we are committed to providing the best experience for people by improving spaces and places that matter the most to them and you. The thousands of dedicated team members at GBC believe in the company’s mission to ensuring client satisfaction at the highest level by working towards making a positive impact in every service offered.

Amplified Clean

Perfect Cleaning and Disinfection with Amplified Clean

The Advanced Clean program ensures facility management professionals provide a superior level of cleanliness, hygiene, and safety for building occupants. Our certified disinfection program has been developed to combat all kinds of infectious diseases while maintaining the highest standards of industrial hygiene.


  • A three-step approach towards creating healthy places
  • Continuously evolving program to stay on top of all latest hygiene practices
  • Innovative team to ensure quality assurance
  • Unmatched cleanliness that occupants can see

Individual Industries


Put your travelers at ease throughout the entire duration of their journey — from the arrival at the airport and parking to the plane seat and destination. Show that you care by offering a healthy, clean, and safe environment for your passengers.

Business & Industry

A clean and comfortable environment encourages your employees to be more productive and satisfies your customers. Show that you care to the people who care about you and what you do. With decades of experience in facility operations and maintenance, GBC is your preferred partner for facility solutions.


We offer a comprehensive facility service solution for educational buildings, classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias at public universities and K-12 schools.


We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions for healthcare professionals and facilities by prioritizing cleanliness, hygiene, and efficiency that play a crucial role in the wellbeing of patients.

Technology & Manufacturing

We are all about innovation and making the world a better place. When you working on the next big innovation that can change lives, we work behind the scenes to ensure your facilities operate at maximum efficiency and are maintained with utmost care. We are committed to ensuring you focus and reach your goals by taking care of all the operational and maintenance needs of the facility.

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