Enabling You to Better Focus on Your Mission

Top-notch Facility Services for Government Buildings

Reliable facility services for your operational effectiveness

Your task to represent the public is crucial and highly important. It is a task that has a lot weighing on you to make the right choices for the people you represent. At GBC, it is our operational effectiveness and desire to deliver nothing but the best that enables us to take care of all the needs of your office building to keep you focused on your mission. We work with local governments and leaders across all public departments to ensure clean and efficient spaces. As your go-to place for the best facility services, we work to make sure you continue to provide value to the people you serve without getting distracted by even minuscule inconveniences.

Perfect Cleaning and Disinfection with Amplified Clean
The Amplified Clean program from GBC aims at providing unparalleled facility services that are committed to offering a healthy and safe environment. Our certified disinfection program has been developed to combat all kinds of infectious diseases while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
  • A three-step approach towards creating a safe and healthy environment
  • Continuously evolving program to stay on top of all the latest hygiene practices
  • Innovative team to ensure quality assurance
  • Unmatched cleanliness customers can see


We understand that one size does not fit all. This is why we customize our services to meet your unique needs. At GBC, we are committed to ensuring that your pledge to serve the people is not hindered by inconveniences in the public office buildings.

Our public-private partnership is designed to offer protection from fiscal liabilities including compensation for workers and workforce management.

Ensure your public office leads by example by saving energy wherever possible. We help you reduce your energy needs by giving you lighting upgrades and other sustainability solutions.

We do not outsource our work to third parties. We perform all the tasks assigned with our expert team to make sure you’re satisfied throughout. To us, you are valuable and we want to make sure your work isn’t interrupted by providing you with consistent and high-quality services.

With decades of unrivaled experience across industries, GBC is dedicated to serving your needs. We are the leading-edge facility services provider in the USA & Canada for operational and maintenance excellence.

Local Government Services

GBC provides reliable and affordable facility maintenance services for local government entities. We help you serve the people and community better by making sure government facilities across cities and towns are safer and conducive to work.


Federal Government Services

At GBC, it is our mission to offer a complete solution for maintenance services for federal agencies. We want to maximize your efficiency by improving your facilities so that you can focus on what matters the most.

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