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As the technology industry grows ever faster, it is important to have a trusted facility services partners. GBC offers 24/7/365 support to ensure all operations are efficient and safe. The unique service needs of each company in the industry are met with the utmost dedication and expertise. GBC provides world-class maintenance services to improve efficiency and productivity at technology facilities in the US and Canada.

Perfect Cleaning and Disinfection with Amplified Clean
The Amplified Clean program from GBC aims at providing unparalleled facility services that are committed to offering a healthy and safe environment. Our certified disinfection program has been developed to combat all kinds of infectious diseases while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
  • A three-step approach towards creating a safe and healthy environment
  • Continuously evolving program to stay on top of all the latest hygiene practices
  • Innovative team to ensure quality assurance
  • Unmatched cleanliness customers can see


When all your processes are running at high efficiency, that is when you can be more creative and innovative. GBC ensures that you focus on innovation as we handle your maintenance and operational needs.

The consistent and reliable services offered by us allow you to constantly push the boundaries of innovation. We are known for our exceptional service, delivered consistently for over two decades.

One solution does not fit all and it is important to have customized programs that meet your unique needs. GBC offers standalone services and integrated facility services to improve operational and maintenance efficiency at your facility.

We decades of unrivaled experience in tech facility operation and maintenance. GBC is the leading-edge facility services provider in the USA & Canada for your operational and maintenance excellence.

We make sure that all your needs are met and that your processes are running at high efficiency. GBC wants you to focus on innovation as we handle your maintenance and operational needs.

We have the expertise and team to handle all your operational needs and streamline your operations and maintenance. With us as your trusted partner, you have the freedom to be creative in your industry.

GBC has years of experience in creating healthy indoor environments that improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. We design energy solutions to meet your unique needs.

Data Centers

We understand that it is not acceptable to have downtimes in data centers. It can be disastrous to have downtimes that are highly expensive. GBC with its over two decades of industry experience offers world-class service for data centers in the United States and Canada. Our clients have the maximum uptime as we ensure our trained specialists with government clearances and certifications including Stulz, Data Aire, and CDCDP are available 24/7 to take care of any kind of emergencies.

Different laboratory glassware with water and empty with reflection. Pink and blue tint background


As you work on the smallest details with semiconductors, GBC ensures your facility is running at optimum efficiency. We have energy audits and the best cleaning services to keep your electrical systems and air filtrations systems operating at high efficiency. We are committed to meeting and exceeding all your expectations.

Software & Consumer Technology

We understand the unique challenges faced by software and consumer technology companies which is why have custom programs to meet their specific needs. GBC with its deep expertise in facility management has a world-class maintenance program that ensures safe, compliant, and comfortable workplaces.

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