Our Sectors 


Projecting a professional image in an office environment hinges on the cleanliness of that space. If the office is not well maintained, it won’t make a good first impression for prospective clients or employees. However, thanks to our innovative, cost-effective cleaning procedures, you can trust GDI to provide superior janitorial and technical services in your facility.

We provide janitorial, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization and spring cleaning services. No surface is too complex; we can dust high spaces, clean light fixtures, remove industrial stains, and clean furniture and upholstery as required. We can even wash, vacuum, strip, polish and wax your office’s floors to keep them looking new.

Shopping Centres & National Retail Stores

Your business only gets one chance to make a great first impression with customers, making consistent cleaning and maintenance vital in commercial and retail venues. Whether you are a small business, one of many national retail stores or the largest shopping centre in your city, the team at GBC will help your environment look its best.

We can work with you to customize a cleaning program specifically for your needs. Our fully certified cleaning teams work efficiently and flexibly, depending on the time of day you need them. On-site supervision, combined with our Quality Assurance Program, helps ensure you receive the best results possible.

We can dust high spaces, clean windows, wash and vacuum carpets, maintain hardwood floors and even provide lighting system maintenance to ensure your products are well illuminated. Our teams can clean offices for your staff and visit your facility’s bathrooms every hour to ensure they are clean for your customers’ use. If an emergency arises, we can provide immediate cleaning services to make it look like nothing ever happened.

Simply put, our extensive experience in large surface cleaning will show your customers and staff that your business is a safe place to shop, eat or work.

Educational Facilities

Educational facilities are home to a large number of fast-moving students and faculty. Elementary schools typically see a wide range of cleanliness challenges — from mud to germs — and high schools can see a different but no less daunting spectrum of wear and tear. Even in colleges and universities, where students are more conscious of their environments, a unique approach is required to ensure the appropriate level of cleanliness is achieved and maintained.

We understand the specific challenges associated with managing these fast-moving ecosystems and have the skills needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We provide janitorial, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization and spring cleaning services. No surface is too complex. Aside from the “usual,” our team can do the following.

  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Clean windows and light fixtures 
  • Vacuum, strip, polish and wax floor
  • Dust high spaces
  • maintain the lighting 
  • collect trash and recycling from classrooms, offices and common areas
  • maintain lawns and parking lots 
  • provide snow and ice removal


Your guests trust your hotel or resort to be their home away from home, so it’s imperative that you provide the highest level of comfort, satisfaction, prompt service and extraordinary cleanliness to every guest, every day. GBC can help with that. We provide janitorial, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization and spring cleaning services designed to maintain ISO quality standards.

No surface is too complex. We can dust high spaces, clean windows and light fixtures and clean furniture and upholstery as required. We can even vacuum, strip, polish and wax your hotel’s floors to keep them looking new, and we offer general maintenance services to keep your facility in top condition.

Our hotel services don’t stop at cleaning.

We can do the following.

  • Provide qualified, trustworthy staff for many different positions, even on short notice
  • Manage your personnel as needed to keep client service operations running smoothly
  • Supervise your reception team, housekeeping staff, day porters and valets to ensure your support staff are working together to create a positive guest experience
  • Manage your human resources needs, including hiring and training staff
  • Help manage your team’s salary, labor relations and employee health and safety needs

Holding events at your venue? The GBC team can provide special cleaning in advance to ensure the facility makes a good impression. Need a little extra help making the event a success? We can manage or provide support for your event from start to finish, including everything from equipment setup and takedown to logistical and operational support to waste management.


It’s a well-known fact that hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities are home to many infections, making it critical that medical environments are clean, disinfected and sanitized at all times. Whatever your facility, whatever your needs, we can ensure the safety of your space, from medical laboratories and patient rooms to reception areas and operating, surgical and emergency rooms.

We do our utmost to keep people safe in medical environments by providing the most thorough, advanced and scientifically validated cleaning methods available. Our workers have the training needed to work in these critical spaces, and we can customize a comprehensive cleaning program to your needs to ensure a safe, healthy environment.

We measure and map your operating procedures using software designed specifically for healthcare environments. We have infectious disease and sterilization protocols in place that are specific to medical environments.

All of our cleaning cloths and mops use microfibre technology to increase matter containment and removal, and our strict colour-coding methodologies prevent cross-contamination. We use HEPA multi-filtration, high-efficiency vacuums and electrostatic dusting to gather as much material as the latest technology allows.

Our team can also provide detailed contingency planning in case of a pandemic.


GBC delivers exceptional condo building cleaning services and day porters. The unique style of condominium living – combining common areas with individual ownership – requires a tailored approach to maintenance and cleaning. Our dedication and experience enables our clients condo buildings to stay attractive, safe and clean for visitors and owners alike.

  • Maintaining clean & attractive common areas that include lobbies, laundry rooms, exterior grounds, parking areas and corridors.
  • Carpet cleaning and floor maintenance programs.
  • Matron/daily porter on duty to offer continuous maintenance and cleaning of public and entry areas.
  • Maintaining dirt-free garbage rooms & shoots
  • Power washing of building exteriors, parking areas, and sidewalks.            

Public health professionals identify surfaces that come into frequent contact with many people (touch points) as the main sources of cross-infection. Pro-Clean takes care of such areas which include:

  • Elevator buttons
  • Buzzer boards
  • Hang railings
  • Door handles and buttons
  • And many others.