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Advanced Facility Is Our Commitment to Healthier Indoor Air Quality

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Breathe Easy with Assured Healthy Air Quality

With air quality being a prime consideration for healthy workplaces in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you must be concerned if you can regularly ensure healthy air quality for all occupants in the building. At GBC, we take all your considerations seriously. Everything from proper hand sanitation and social distancing to surface disinfection and healthy air quality, we are on top of all the best health practices to give you a healthy breathing environment in your workplace. Our Advanced Facility program ensures the spread of pathogens through the air is limited.

As our focus remains on improving the quality of indoor air, we have designed the GBC Advanced Facility program to provide an overall healthier air quality resulting in improved occupant wellbeing. Our program is safer, healthier, and more efficient while reducing viral transmissions.

We employ a lot of advanced technologies for the disinfection of air inside your premises. Depending on your unique needs, we make use of technologies like Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Generation, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology within HVAC systems, and UV-C lighting. Based on your budget, we prioritize the treatments that best fulfill the goal of purified indoor air in your facility.

Advanced Facility program complements the superior cleaning and disinfection offered by Advanced Clean. When used together, these programs effectively reduce most viral transmissions through surfaces and air. Touchless doors and fixtures can be additional installations added to prevent infections. GBC’s health-focused programs give your employees and customers trust in your commitment to a healthier and safer workplace.

Amplified Facility in Action in 3 Simple Steps
Safety Assessment

Assessment of your facility’s safety by our expert team at GBC. We assess the risk of infections in your facility. This process also includes an HVAC inspection to check for safety hazards.

Optimizing Operations

Adapt and flow along with new safety measures in place at your workplace. GBC provides the installation of touchless fixtures and doors. We also disinfect your facility and optimize lighting solutions.

Total Health Resiliency

Maintenance of energy installation, incremental energy efficiency upgrades, and HVAC preventive maintenance to ensure the overall resiliency of the building.a

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