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See how GBC can make a positive difference to the people and places that matter to you.

Find out how GBC can help you care for the people, spaces, and places that are important to you

Energy Management Program to Save Energy and Cost

We know that you care about your efficiency and cost savings which is why we have the best-in-industry energy management program to reduce your operational and utility costs. The specialized energy team at GBC will give you a comprehensive analysis of the current implementation in your work environment along with a step-by-step plan to upgrade your energy efficiency game. Our inspection and solutions are based on LEED standards to unlock the biggest gains in energy improvement.

Energy Service Benefits

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness

Save energy and cost with smart facility upgrades that increase operational efficiency. The guaranteed energy performance program from GBC will unlock energy savings to drive you towards sustainability and profitability goals. We analyze the energy-saving potential from your current setup and guide you towards substantial savings and performance gains.

As part of the green and sustainable energy solution push, we make sure to install electric vehicle charging stations in your facility. As one of the leading installers of EV charging ports in Canada, GBC will transform your commercial establishment for the benefit of the workforce. Our energy plan gives you the option of either DC or Level 2 Fast Charging Stations to be installed in your building.

Harness the free source of renewable energy with solar energy. GBC gives you an energy-efficient solar program that gives you an advantage over other competitors by saving more in energy costs that ultimately has an effect on the financial bottom line.

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