EV Charging Stations

Leave a Positive Impression on the Environmentally Conscious with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

See how GBC can make a positive difference to the people and places that matter to you.

Give the Green Energy Lovers everything to cheer about with EV charging stations.

Electric Vehicles are growing in popularity and EV charging stations will certainly be an interesting addition to your facility to delight your visitors, add a new revenue stream, and improve sustainability. At GBC, we are experts in the installation and preventive maintenance of EV charging stations. We understand your needs and after careful analysis offer solutions that will enable you to undertake the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in your facility. We take care of everything from the installation to cost-effective maintenance of the stations.

EV Charging Service Benefits

An innovative new addition to facilities to delight visitors.

GBC has installed electric vehicle chargers at various facilities and provides the best installation services. We self-perform and manage the implementation so that you can experience the joy of driving in your electric car and charging it as you take care of your work. We have installed EV charging stations at car dealerships, private offices, institutions, and more.

We evaluate the site of your preference for EV charging station installation to understand parking operations, infrastructure needs, and traffic patterns. GBC ensures that everything is perfect before implementing the charging stations.

GBC has partnerships with EV charging equipment manufacturers to provide you with the right charging technology for your charging station. Our focus on procurement has strict requirements including the need for integration with mobile technology including apps for convenient charging experiences.

We ensure that your EV charging stations do not experience continuous wear and tear with preventative maintenance methods including repairs, green cleaning, and software monitoring.

Have us help you protect your investment in EV charging stations with reliable and proactive repairs. We understand how warranties can help mitigate losses and protect your assets.

Our highly qualified electric testers will assess the condition of your EV chargers while complying with all quality and safety measures. We make sure the chargers are dependable and safe for use to the people who use them.

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