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Improve the Efficiency of Your Buildings with an Effective Lighting Solution

An impactful commercial lighting plan can have substantial effects on productivity, sustainability, and operating costs. Lighting maintenance gives you the ability to maximize electrical and lighting efficiency to dramatically reduce costs over time. By taking a cost-efficient approach to operation, GBC allows you to improve the lighting levels inside your building while reducing risks and costs. We are the trusted experts in improving your indoor environment through customized lighting solutions. We are available to talk about cost reduction, lighting efficiency, ENERGY STAR rating, and LEED certification.

Lighting Service Benefits

A bright facility that improves productivity without the downside of increased cost.

Deep expertise in lighting maintenance combined with customized offerings for individual facilities to best serve your needs.
We plan and execute the best lighting upgrades needed for your buildings to save cost and time. Talk to our energy experts to find ways to upgrade the lighting in your commercial space to add more value to the bottom line. At GBC, we are continually working on improvements needed to give your business an edge over the competition. Let us formulate a sustainable, safe, compliant, and energy-efficient lighting plan for you.
The vast improvements in LED technology and lighting control allow us to put in place a lighting solution that fits your business needs and goals. As pioneers in energy-saving LED retrofits, we have a unique approach to our lighting projects that draw from our immense experience in commercial lighting.
Advanced lighting controls can improve your facility and give you control over your energy spends. We have the technical expertise to design, deliver, and maintain sophisticated lighting control systems that share actionable data to put you in control.
Make sure your exit paths for employees and visitors are well-lit, safe, and compliant. Your emergency exit lighting and backup power systems should be functioning as intended.

Troubleshoot your failing electrical systems with a thorough diagnosis of the critical issues from our certified technicians. We are your trusted team during emergencies for electrical diagnosis and maintenance. We rush at the first sign of trouble to avoid critical situations from escalating into expensive ordeals.

Be it lighting retrofits or new installations, you need an effective design and implementation strategy to meet the sustainability and cost-saving goals of your business. We help you achieve your targets with a dedicated team of commercial lighting experts.

Thermal imaging is critical when you want to avoid catastrophic electrical failures that can result in damage to infrastructure and lives. Our expert teams can document the risks associated to give you detailed explanatory steps on risk mitigation.

Visual cues are usually the final signs of warning. Do not delay the notice of equipment failure. Ultrasonic inspections accurately identify the issues that are hard to spot and allow you to act immediately before the issues become more prominent and costly to deal with.

We are available to talk to you about utility rebates and other programs available for your commercial lighting upgrades.

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